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With a neighbor like this, who needs internet!

With a neighbor like this, who needs internet!

My Redneck Neighbor from youtube channel Jessie 31, is the most hilarious series of videos i have seen yet. Clearly something going on with the neighbor that is induced by some kind of special sauce…but who knows….and honestly, she seems harmless, at a distance anyways. What really cracks me up is how the neighbor clearly gets her kicks out of asking Billy questions, and engaging conversation.

Wonder if Billy has a job tho, makes you wonder. She’s constantly the show of attention at the neighbors driving lot. Poor Billy…ahahha…well hope these videos keep happening, they are just too funny.


This was the first one i watched, usually i like to give some vieos a good 1-2 min watch trial, and if it doesn’t engage my interested, i exit out. Luckily good thing i didn’t give up.




This one made me laugh, irrational and a bit childish, she clearly is bored. Wonder if she has a wig on, and plays this character because she knows she’s being filmed, therefore this is how Billy gets her giggles? Idk. Either that or she’s an improv actor, trying to keep her skills sharpened. HA! What a character i tell ya.


Oh and she loves flipping the bird and whipping a look at you occasionally, all the while driving her ATV and drinking what seems like an empty jug of booze? Oh yea!! and that cigarette she never smokes and keeps falling on the floor, ahhahahahah….


Oh yea, those rocks, she looooves her rocks, you can’t touch her rocks man. If you do, she’ll make a mess of YOUR ROCKS! ahhahaa.

There are plenty more videos like this on the channel, which I do recommend you watch! Hilarious. Check out more here at the Jessie 31 Channel.



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