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A Fishy Update

5 Gallon Fish Aquarium

A Fishy Update

Here is an update to my small 5 gallon nanoscape.

5 Gallon Fish Aquarium Tis but a humble little scape of which I am most proud of ;). Today I added some dwarf moss and accidentally left some of that gel that came with it, as you can see it is floating amongst my two minnow, I will add more fish soon.Just haven’t been able to make a decision as to what kind of fish yet.Oh well. That’s it for today I guess.  
P.s. After I finished that aquascape, this whole thing snowballed into cleaning my other aquatic cuties tanks. Behold!
Got tired, and didn’t get to clean off glass properly.Oh well. I will polish it up this weekend I guess. Till next time,
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