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Wordpress is a content management system, it uses HTML and CSS along PHP and some Javascript.  I choose WordPress to build your site, because at the end of the day, you may or may not want to poke around and do some of your own editing. It lets you monitor the process that I am working on and let you add a few things if you’d like.

Once I speak to you about your thoughts, ideas, and goals. I will then do some background research and come up with 3 or more design templates for you to choose from. Just keep in mind that these templates lay out what I call “fluff” so you can visualize the main look of the website, and see if it’s a right fit for your business look.

Anything from colors, layout, stock imagery, text, and fonts can be ultimately altered, changed, removed, basically you name it! The process may seem easy at first but it saves you the headache of figuring out where you want what, and how you want to lay it out. Not to mention customizing the template from head to toe to give it your signature look. Let me make it easy for you and set it up, so that from there you decide how you want to further proceed.


A typical website package includes, your standard amount of pages (Home, About, Contact Us, Location) and any other pages that are needed to offer the services you want to offer. Logo redesign, or recreation of, meaning I will recreate your logo so that it fits perfectly to your site.

If you never had a logo I can then create one with you, and in the end hand over all files for your logo so that you can use in the future with any print, web, documents, and anything you will need it for. Website template and full customization, this would be an added onetime fee, because it may require some build applications to be added so all the features work flawlessly. Stock imagery package to give a sharper, modern look to your website. Social media implementation: facebook, twitter, instagram, youtube, etc. Mobile ready website that can easily and elegantly be viewed on tablets, apple and android phones.

Even if you already have a setup, what I would do is make sure your social media matches your website by creating covers that announce a new renovation to your site or to simply keep everything consistent with design.


After the initial site is built, I will include one month of edits, tweaks, and any other changes or updates you would like to happen. After the month is over I do offer a Maintenance package. Where every week I will make some updates to your site, so when visitors visit your page they will be intrigued knowing there is new content every time they check it.

Not only will the website get updated, but the social media as well. The idea is for these weekly posts to show up on the news feed with a link, that will take them back to your website. The more people share this link the more visitors you will gain by this.

All of this for a monthly no-contract fee.


With over 13+ years of experience in graphic and web design, I can assure you that with my help you will be satisfied with the quality and quickness of work I provide at an affordable price.

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The amount of time to build and finish can take anywhere from 2 weeks to a Month and a half. All depending on how much content and edits are needed to complete the website. The amount of time to build and finish can take anywhere from 2 weeks to a Month and a half. All depending on how much content and edits are needed to complete the website.

You choose your template theme

Build begins with customization requests by you

Link on process of build will be provided.


With a responsive theme that will show nicely on any apple, android tablet and phone. You will love how sheek and modern the look to your new website.

Customization begins

Customized stock images

Request for edits can be done here


Offering round the clock support for your website and any graphic needs with a monthly maintenance fee. Just an email or a call away, I can easily get you the files you need to help you progress your business.

Round the clock updates.

Includes any additions, changes, and edits.

Always available with a call, email or text

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