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About Jenyffer

Visual Graphic Designer


When I was about 11 years old, one of the first things I remember, was painting by numbers of a boat in the ocean using watered colors. As I was painting I lost track of time, all I could feel was the blissfulness of what once was a black and white piece of paper to giving it such color and vibrancy, that suddenly nothing else mattered, the only colors that mattered to me were the ones the brush would portray to be a bright, blue skied, sunny day overlooking the blue hues of the ocean water. I think that was the moment I was enticed and drawn to the world of the Arts. Of course at that age who wasn’t.

And yes, any child that sees the bright ladders of colors will intrigue them any given day. Yet, I do feel it's those select several few that choose to keep it as a regular practice in their lives. To want to draw, paint, color, sculpt on a constant basis.

While some see it as a hobby, others find ways to make a career out of it. Modern days have allowed to convert the arts into a high paying job. Not as easily though, a lot of time and commitment is poured into making it so you can pay the bills easily and do what you love most on a daily basis. There was a time where the arts was nothing but a hobby and those who dared to pursue it found themselves struggling to make ends-meat. After all, a degree in fine arts won’t save lives, clean teeth, or even allow you to be a plastic surgeon. It used to be a trade that would only be good for showing how artistic you really are, and that was it. Never the less, all of it is hard work, thumb prints that cannot be duplicated or manufactured by a machine (unless you mean a 3D printer, than yes ok). Though, still it all starts with genuine craftsmanship hard work, that only a single human has created.


So to conclude my little rant, I’d like to say that I am fortunate enough that I can make some kind of ends-meat with what I do, and I only hope to progress as the days come because as all artists know, it’s a colorfully cut-throat world out there and this line of work is very, but very competitive. I simply just try to do the best I can, with the knowledge that I have that continues to grow every day with each and every creative process I deal with.