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90’s Games I really miss.

As my official first post i’d like to say that I’d like to start today with something that’s a bit off-wall topic. Not that I wanted to date myself by saying, back in the 90’s (aka that one time in band camp) haha.

Really tho, back in the 90’s, when life was a lot less complicated, I was moderately into gaming. Preferably with Quake, Unreal tournament, and a few others including Xbox games. I mean I could give you a list of the ones I used to play, but i’d actually like to talk more of the games themselves. Looking back at these games all I kept saying, holy crap Quake was very dark, everything form the monsters, elements and even those creepy corpses nailed to the walls!  Then I started remembering, how OLD was when I was playing this, and omg! My parents allowed this?!!!!

Any way I never had daunting haunting memories on playing any of these games, all i feel when I think back to it was, “Man, I wish i was home right now playing a game and forgetting about the fact that is I got work in the morning, possibly and possibly pay some bills”. We had it good as a kid growing up in America. Even though these games screamed VIOLENCE and NIGHTMARES, all I saw was…yasss this is freaking awesome!

Anyone remember this these two? Sin, and Redneck Rampage?

These quirky games although forgotten by many still ring a bell in the corners of my own gaming memory, mostly because the redneck guy kept burping and that basically burned the image in my memory. Sin was more like Halo i’d say…in a cop/experimental kind of way. First shooter games were my favorite back then and pretty much still are. I even tried to find a way to make it compatible with windows 10, which worked for redneck rampage, but in the end was too much of a hassle to even try Sin and Unreal.

With Unreal I remember playing with some buddies across seas, some were form the UK others from Germany, odd as it seemed back then, back when the internet made funny buzzing noises and rings, and when someone had a better ping than you did and you got the slow-mo syndrome to which they ended up shooting you down every time you spawned, smh, it was still fun. We’ve come a long way since then and I admit it is waaay better now, but much like they do reboots and remakes of COUNTLESS superman and batman movies I wish they would reboot these, so many millennials would love to get their hands on a sharper crisper version of these games. I know I would.

Oh forgot to mention, Unreal Tournament and Quake can be played via Steam, in case anyone was wondering. So that at least we have in this day and age.

Any way, that’s all I have to say for today i guess.. but before I finish this post.

I want to know, what was your gaming experience like in the 90’s, and what games were you addicted to playing online, when your ping allowed it that is.

Comment below…

Happy gaming everyone!!!… play nice!


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